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An Introduction to Nobeoka City

Nobeoka City in ancient times, during the period where different feudal clans ruled separate areas, was a city that flourished as a castle town under the Naito Family. (The Naito Family boasted an economic power expressed in a yearly harvest of 70, 000 koku {equal to 358, 400 bushels or 2, 867, 200 gallons} of rice).

In modern times, Nobeoka City takes pride in being Eastern Kyushu’s number one industrial city. With a population of over 130,000, it has become a central city in the northern region of Miyazaki Prefecture, and its development has continued through until this day.

Nobeoka Tengaichi Takigi Noh Theatre

"Nobeoka Tengaichi Takigi Noh Theatre" (a world class traditional Japanese play put on outdoors with light supplied by bonfires), today tells of such history and culture. The Takigi Noh Theatre is held each year at the beginning of October, and uses Noh masks which were handed down from Nobeoka’s previous feudal lords, the Naito Family. These masks were made by craftsman who have received the title of "the best in the world" at their trade.

This Noh dance takes place at the Nobeoka Castle Ruins of Shiroyama Park, in the space of the second outer castle enclosure. It is set upon a backdrop of the stone wall commonly known as "The Killer of a Thousand People", and invites viewers into a world of mysterious profundity.

In addition, Nobeoka City, which has been selected as being one of the "100 Most Beautiful Water Villages in Japan", has come to be known by people under the title of "Water Village Nobeoka", due to the clear full streams of Gokase River, Ose River and Houri River, which run through the city.

Nobeoka City: An industrial city, and a city that abounds in nature, history and culture.

Please come and visit us in Nobeoka, the city with a great variety of characteristics peeping out from within.

Home > An Introduction to Nobeoka City