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Sightseeing Spots in Nobeoka

Explore beautiful Nobeoka, from temples and shrines to stunning nature.

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An Introduction to Nobeoka City

Nobeoka is known as a sports hub, a gourmet town, and an “outdoor paradise.”

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Nobeoka City Trash Disposal Guidebook

An overview of proper garbage separation in Nobeoka.

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Nobeoka International Newsletter

The Newsletter is published every month, sharing articles by foreign residents and updates on exchange activities.

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Athlete Town Nobeoka

A Treasure House of Japan's 100 Best

Gourmet Town Nobeoka

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Find us on Facebook!

Find us on Facebook!

“Nobeoka International”, a Facebook page by Nobeoka City’s International Exchange Promotion Office, keeps you updated on both international and local events in Nobeoka. We also share the International Exchange Newsletter, pictures of events, Messages from the ALTs and the CIR and more! The page is updated in Japanese, English and German.

Explore Nobeoka

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