Sightseeing Spots [ Kitakata Area ]

Mt. Hiei

Mt. Hiei

Mt. Hiei is 918 meters above sea level. The mountain, which has been designated as a place of noted scenic beauty by the national government in 1939 (Showa Year 14), is a range of monolithic granite, with an extensive view like that in a Chinese style landscape painting.

It is also well-known all over Japan as a prominent rock-climbing spot, therefore many climbers visit there.


Approximately 50 minutes by car from the central area of Nobeoka City.

Approximately 30 minutes by car from the General Branch Office of Kitakata Town.

It takes one hour on foot from the starting point of the trail up the mountain to the first observation spot, and an additional one hour from there to the summit.

Sobo Katamuki Quasi-National Park

The Okue Mountain Range emerged due to the uplift and erosion of a dike which was formed underground by volcanic activities. At the Sobo Katamuki Quasi-National Park, you can see large granite porphyritic dikes such as Mt. Hokodake, Mt. Hiei, Mt. Yahasudake and Mt. Mukabaki, which encompass Mt. Okue.