Message from the Mayor (August 31, 2020)

Dissolution of the Emergency Warning in Miyazaki Prefecture and the Lowering of the Emergency Level

Today, on Monday, August 31st, the governor of Miyazaki Prefecture announced that the number of new COVID-19 cases in the prefecture has decreased and thus, the emergency level will be lowered to “alarm regulations" starting Wednesday, September 1st. I am thankful that everyone cooperated with the recent preemptive measures so that this change of emergency level is now possible. 

However, the number of new cases is not down to “zero." Since the end of July, a second wave of infections has been confirmed, which shows us how important it is to continue to cooperate with the guidelines regarding the new lifestyle.

1. About the change to “Alarm Regulations"

From July 26th to August 31st, an emergency warning announced by the prefectural government was in use and everyone was asked to refrain from leaving the prefecture, especially for nonessential and nonurgent reasons. Starting September 1st, we ask all citizens to follow the “alarm regulations" as written below.

  • Please be careful if you visit an area that is known as a, “area to be cautious about." (Regarding sightseeing, sightseeing in Miyazaki Prefecture or one of the surrounding prefectures is recommended.)
    * Areas to be cautious about: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Aichi, Osaka, Kyoto, Ishikawa, Nara, Fukuoka, and Okinawa.
  • Please be especially careful if you visit an “area with a high number of infections." (No areas have been declared as “areas with a high number of infections as of August 31st.)
  • Please cooperate with the guidelines regarding the new-lifestyle. Please refrain from having meals with a large number of people, especially if you are a senior citizen or have contact to senior citizens. Please use the COCOA app.
  • Companies are asked to cooperate with guidelines regarding preemptive measures.

2. Regarding the re-opening of public facilities

See: “Temporary Closure of Public Facilities and Cancellation or Postponement of Events"

3. About the “Nobeoka Premium Gift Certificates"

Please refer to this page or the Japanese version of this message for details.

August 31st, 2020
Youji Yomiyama, Mayor of Nobeoka City