Message from the Mayor (August 16, 2020)

Request to all citizens regarding the period from August 17th onwards

Today, on August 16th, the governor of Miyazaki Prefecture announced that in the last week, the number of COVID-19 cases in Nobeoka City and the Nishiusuki District (Hinokage, Takachiho, Gokase) decreased to a number smaller than when the red zone was declared. Further, investigations regarding the cluster infections have come to an end, no new clusters have been confirmed. Two weeks have also passed since people in Miyazaki have been asked to stay at home as much as possible. As a result, dissolving the red zone warning has been decided.

Further, the guidelines regarding closure or shorter business hours for restaurants etc. in the prefecture have also been dissolved. Yet, as the governor said, the dissolution of the red zone is not a declaration of a "state of safety." New COVID-19 cases are still being confirmed in the prefecture and a severe situation can be seen in other parts of the country. Thus, the emergency warning regarding the spread of the infections will continue until August 31st.

Please read and follow the information and guidelines below.

1. Situations to be careful about

1. Information about causes of infections in Miyazaki prefecture

Today, the governor announced an analysis of the first 257 COVID-19 cases in the prefecture (cases up to July 22nd) regarding the causes of infection.

This analysis showed, that most of the infections carried into Miyazaki Prefecture spread between family members, at the work place, and when people eat/drink together. The infection risk is especially high in closed spaces with poor ventilation ("Three Cs"), such as bars or places with karaoke. Two cluster infections (Takanabe, Nobeoka) have already occurred in such places. New cases also continue when people have been in close-contact settings with people from outside the prefecture.

Detailed numbers:
Modes of infection transmission/Number of cases/Percentage

Gatherings to eat/drink together/122/48%
Family members/64/25%
Contact with people from outside the prefecture/11/7%
Mode of infection is unclear/18/7%

* The governor also wants to remind everyone that eating meals is necessary in a person's life and that this data doesn't mean that eating with people is a bad thing to do.

In response to this analysis, the prefecture is asking everyone to be careful in the situations written below.

  • Having meals with other people (especially in settings with the Three Cs)
    • Meals with a large number of people
    • Sitting close to each other at a box-style tables, and while talking loudly (when there is not enough space between each other)
    • Singing karaoke loudly
    • Talking without using a mask (etc.)
  • At work
    • Meetings in close-contact settings without wearing masks
    • Working while feeling unwell
    • Rooms without enough air ventilation
  • When visiting other prefectures or meeting with (infected) people from other prefectures 
2. Request to all citizens

Please read and understand the information above that was provided by the prefectural government. The prefecture is further issuing the following requests:

  • Please be aware of the situation and make sure to take all preemptive measures you can take as an individual. Please be aware of the guidelines regarding the "new lifestyle." (Wear masks, regularly wash your hands, be aware of the three Cs, and be careful when you feel unwell.)
  • Senior citizens and people with underlying diseases are asked to be especially careful with their movements outside their place of residence.
  • Please take preemptive measures when meeting people from outside the prefecture.
  • Please refrain from eating with a large number of people or from speaking loudly while eating.
  • Please refrain from leaving the prefecture for nonessential and nonurgent reasons.

2. Information regarding public facilities and events in Nobeoka City for the period from August 17th onwards

The red zone in Nobeoka City and the Nishiusuki District has been dissolved and thus the re-opening of some public outdoor facilities will be prepared starting from August 17th.
* Details about the re-opening of outdoor facilities will be updated on the homepage tomorrow on August 17th.
However, as the installation of buoys at the beaches take time and expenses, the city decided to forgo the installation this summer. Please be aware that swimming at the beaches will be at your own risk.

Further, public indoor facilities will stay closed and events organized by Nobeoka City will be cancelled until August 31st. This is the same period as the prolonged emergency warning regarding the spread of the infections issued by the prefecture.

Organizers other than Nobeoka City are also asked to consider cancelling planned events during this period.

3. Information about infected citizens

See "Information About Infected Citizens in Nobeoka City"

4. Information about financial support for businesses affected by temporary closures

Please take a look at the Japanese versions of this message for information regarding financial support for businesses.

August 16th, 2020
Youji Yomiyama, Mayor of Nobeoka City