Message from the Mayor (August 4, 2020)

Information about the Infection of a Nursing Facility Employee

Today, on August 4th, Miyazaki Prefecture declared that there are 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nobeoka City. There is now a total of 38 confirmed cases in Nobeoka City.
I wish all the infected citizens a fast and full recovery.
Nobeoka City is asking everyone to respect the human rights of the infected citizens. This request is promoted as "Stop the Corona Discrimination!"
The Miyazaki Prefecture Health Center is currently investigating details about the recent movements and close contacts of infected citizens. Nobeoka City will announce important details as soon as possible.

1. Infection at a Nursing Facility in Nobeoka City

An employee of a community-based nursing service facility in Nobeoka has been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. The following information has already been provided to Nobeoka City by the facility.

  1. About the facility

    Operating company: Tsuda Welfare Service
    Facility name: Michi-No-Ne
    Type: Small-scale multifunctional home care service
    Address: Nobeoka City, Mizushiri-machi, 225-30

  2. About the employee

    Place of residence: Nobeoka City
    Occupation: Care worker

  3. Movement history

    July 31st: Day-off
    August 1st: Work (Visiting service and commuting service),
                     a family member who visited the bar "Blue Planet" underwent a PCR test
    August 2nd: Day off, Family member was confirmed to be infected, PCR test
    August 3rd: PCR test results confirmed that the care worker is infected
    * The Miyazaki Prefecture Health Center is currently investigating further details.

  4. Measures taken by the nursing care facility
    The nursing facility informed the Miyazaki Prefecture Health Center about all citizens who are currently registered at the facility and all employees. These citizens will be informed about the situation and all visiting and commuting services offered by the facility will be stopped. The accommodation service will be continued, as some citizens stay there for consecutive nights, but the facility will be disinfected as a measure to prevent infections.
    Further, all people currently using the facility and all employees will undergo PCR tests.

2. Instructions about preemptive measures at care facilities

Nobeoka City has instructed employees at care facilities to check their temperature before going to work, to wear a mask, and to regularly gargle and wash their hands. These regulations are based on guidelines from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Nobeoka City will instruct the facilities once again about these measures.  

3. Information about the infected citizens

See "Information About Infected Citizens in Nobeoka City"

If you have any concerns, you can contact the "General Consulting Service Center" that is open every day, including weekends and holidays. (Japanese only)

Tel: 0982-20-7105
Fax: 0982-22-1347

Please do not trust or spread groundless rumors about the novel coronavirus; rely only on accurate information from the homepages of the city, prefecture, and country.
Don't spread rumors about infected people or their families, especially in social networks. Please protect their human rights.

 August 4th, 2020
Youji Yomiyama, Mayor of Nobeoka City