Message from the Mayor (August 7, 2020)

A Request to All Citizens Regarding the Obon Holidays

Today, on August 7th, Miyazaki Prefecture declared no new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nobeoka City for the first time in eight days. But this announcement does not mean that we can relax.

1. A request to citizens and people who are originally from Nobeoka City.

Nobeoka City is currently still declared as a "Red Zone," an area with a severe number of infections, by the prefectural government. Thus, I ask all citizens to stay at home as much as possible, even during the Obon holidays.

Further, the prefecture is currently requesting people who are originally from Miyazaki Prefecture to refrain from visiting their families in Miyazaki Prefecture during the Obon holidays. Additionally, Nobeoka City is requesting the same from people who are originally from Nobeoka.

Everyone is also asked to refrain from leaving the prefecture, especially for nonurgent, nonessential reasons.

2. Please send your family members who live outside the prefecture and can't visit something from Nobeoka!

Until August 16th, the “Nobeoka Product Support Campaign" is offering a 30% discount on local products from the sea, mountains, and rivers.

As family members who are currently living outside the prefecture are asked to refrain from visiting Nobeoka City, we would like to recommend sending them a local product from Nobeoka. I would be happy if many people participated in this campaign!

Details (Japanese only)

3. Information about infected citizens

See "Information About Infected Citizens in Nobeoka City"

If you have any concerns, you can contact the "General Consulting Service Center" that is open every day, including weekends and holidays. (Japanese only)

Tel: 0982-20-7105
Fax: 0982-22-1347

Please do not trust or spread groundless rumors about the novel coronavirus; rely only on accurate information from the homepages of the city, prefecture, and country.
Don't spread rumors about infected people or their families, especially in social networks. Please protect their human rights.

August 7th, 2020
Youji Yomiyama, Mayor of Nobeoka City