Message from the Mayor (August 2, 2020)

Nobeoka City has Been Declared as a “Red Zone" by the Prefecture

Today, on August 2nd, Miyazaki Prefecture declared Nobeoka City, as well as the Nishiusuki District (Hinokage, Takachiho, Gokase) as a “Red Zone," an area with a severe number of infections.

Further, the prefecture announced that there are 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nobeoka City. There are now a total of 27 cases in Nobeoka City.

I wish all the all infected citizens a fast and full recovery.

Nobeoka City is also asking everyone to respect the human rights of the infected citizens. This request is promoted as “Stop the Corona Discrimination!"

In response to the “Red Zone" announcement and the current situation, Nobeoka City will implement the following measures. Please cooperate with them.

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1. Requests to all citizens in response to the declaration as a red zone

Miyazaki Prefecture declared Nobeoka City, as well as the Nishiusuki District (Hinokage, Takachiho, Gokase) as an area with a severe number of infections. Everyone in this area is asked to refrain from going outside as much as possible until August 16th*. Further, events are to be cancelled or postponed, and public facilities will be closed for the same period. These requests concerning disease control measures are made with consideration of expert opinions.

Additionally, please follow the requests written below.

  • Please refrain from travelling to places outside the prefecture, especially for nonessential and nonurgent reasons.
  • People currently living outside the prefecture, even if their hometown is in Miyazaki Prefecture, are asked to refrain from visiting Miyazaki Prefecture.

* Depending on the situation in Nobeoka City, the period might be longer or shorter than August 16th. Changes will be announced if necessary.

2. Measures by Nobeoka City

- Closure of public outdoor facilities in addition to the closure of indoor facilities

Nobeoka City has already closed various public indoor facilities, but will further close indoor facilities as well, in response to the declaration as a red zone by the prefecture. The temporary closure is scheduled until August 16th, but changes are possible. Facilities important to support the daily lives of citizens, including Nobeoka City Hall, nursery centers and after-school clubs for small children, are excluded from this measure.
Detailed information will be announced on this homepage tomorrow, on August 3rd. The closure will include pools etc.

Further, events by Nobeoka City will be cancelled until August 16th.

3. Information about infected citizens

See: Information About Infected Citizens in Nobeoka City

If you have been to Blue Planet after July 18th, please contact the Coronavirus Consultation Center (Tel: 0985-78-5670).

You can also consult with the Miyazaki Support Center for Foreigners in various languages.

4. About General Consulation Center

"General Consulting Service Center" (Japanese only)
Tel: 0982-20-7105
Fax: 0982-22-1347

5. Additional request

Please do not trust or spread groundless rumors about the novel coronavirus; rely only on accurate information from the homepages of the city, prefecture, and country.
Don't spread rumors about infected people or their families, especially in social networks. Please protect their human rights.

The Miyazaki Prefecture Health Center is currently investigating details about the recent movements and close contacts of infected citizens. Nobeoka City will announce important details as soon as possible.

August 2nd, 2020
Youji Yomiyama, Mayor of Nobeoka City