About the Special Cash Payment

Updated on July 3rd

About the 100,000-yen Special Cash Payment from the Government

As an economic measure in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Japan, the government is giving 100,000 yen to each person listed on Japan's Basic Resident Register as of April 27, regardless of nationality. This monetary relief program covers Japanese residents and foreigners who are registered as residents and carry a visa of more than three months.

How can I receive the money?

There are three different ways to apply for the payment:

  1. Online application with a "My Number Card"
  2. Application by postal mail
  3. In-person application 

Details about the Application

  1. The online application process started on May 1st. Details about the online application can be found on the "Mynaportal"".
    * Please fill in ALL necessary information.
  2. Nobeoka City sent the application forms to the head of every household between May 8th and 11th. You can apply by filling out the form and sending it back.
  3. After your application has arrived, you can also bring your form directly to City Hall to apply in person. To reduce the risk of spreading the infection, all citizens are asked to apply online or by post and refrain from applying in person, if possible. (See below for updates regarding the in-person application hours.) 

Application period: You have until August 12th to apply.

This is how the envelope with the application form looks:


The following documents are included in the envelope:
(Click on the links to open the PDF file.)


Here are some additional examples:

1. How to apply the documents:



2. How to fix a mistake:



3. Video: "How to apply for the Special Cash Payment": 

Additional warnings:

Please protect yourself from possible fraudulent activities related to the special cash payment. In order to apply and receive the payment, you will

  • NOT need to input any information at an ATM machine.
  • NOT need to pay a transaction fee.

Nobeoka City or the Ministry of Internal Affairs will NOT contact you by phone or e-mail asking for any personal information, such as your bank account details. You will receive the application form by postal mail but Nobeoka City and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will NOT send you any additional letters asking for personal details.
If someone contacts you asking for personal information to send you the special cash payment, please report the incident to the police immediately.

Update (June 4th):

Places and dates for in-person application (For people who have trouble sending the application form by postal mail.)

Place: Office for Urgent Economy Measures (Nobeoka City Hall, 1st floor, Citizen Space)
Date: May 5th to May 31st (Including weekends and public holidays.) and June 1 to August 12 (weekdays only)
Time: 8:30 to 17:15

Additionally, in-person application is possible at the same place written above every Thursday between May 5th and August 12th from 17:15 to 19:00. 

People living in Kitakata, Kitaura, Kitagawa, Toumi, Igata and the Shimanoura area can also apply at the Community Service Division in their City Hall branches on weekdays between May 11th and August 12th, from 8:30 to 17:15. 

Update (July 3rd):

Nobeoka City will NOT send notifications with the payment date, even after verifying your documents. Please check your bank account to confirm the payment.