In Nobeoka residents and tourists alike can enjoy both sightseeing attractions and enchanting natural landscapes.

Nobeoka was originally a castle town and is now a historical city. In the center of Nobeoka, you can visit Shiroyama Park and the ruins of Nobeoka Castle. Every October, the Nobeoka Tengaichi Takigi Noh Theater is held in front of the remaining castle walls.

Kitaura is a fishing village where delicacies from the sea are of superb quality. You can also enjoy marine leisure activities such as fishing. 

Kitagawa area is a beautiful region, blessed with fresh water and an abundant nature. Three clear streams run through the town: the main stream of the Kitagawa River, a channel of the Kitagawa River, and the Houri River. 

Kitakata area celebrates the twelve zodiac signs. It still continues the area's historical tradition of having the name of one of the twelve zodiac signs in each address in the town. In this area, which is blessed with green mountains, you can enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping.



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Find us on Facebook!

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