Climbing Monkey Figurines (Nobori Zaru)

The Climbing Monkey is a traditional local toy from the Nobeoka area. These toys are displayed along with carp streamers (colorful streamers shaped like koi fish) that are traditionally displayed to celebrate the Children's Festival held on May 5. In the period when the Naito Clan ruled Nobeoka, they were used during other seasonal festivals in May to pray for continuing fortune in battle and abundant crops. As the banner on the toy is filled with wind and expands, the paper monkey nimbly climbs up the bamboo pole. The Climbing Monkey is also considered a good luck charm.

The Crimson Valley Rock Ink Stone

The Crimson Valley Rock Ink Stone is made from the crimson valley stone which is light purple in color and produced in Kitagawa. The Crimson Valley Rock Ink Stone is highly appraised for its original style and beauty and items such as paperweights can also be made from this material.

Nobeoka May Streamers

Nobeoka May Streamers are hand dyed through a unique process that dates back to the 17th Century and is practiced in only a few select areas in Kyushu. A rough outline of the design is drawn and each frame is separated using glue made from sticky rice. The final result includes around 20 or so different colors.

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