The International Exchange Promotion Office produced an English version of the Nobeoka City Trash Disposal Guidebook to help foreigners understand the regulations concerning trash disposal for environmental maintenance in Nobeoka City.

Nobeoka City Trash Disposal Guidebook

Printed Version

Printed versions are available at the locations mentioned below. 

  1. Nobeoka City Hall, 1F: Community Services Division (市民課), General Information (総合案内)
  2. Nobeoka City Hall, 5F: International Exchange Promotion Office (General Affairs Section) (国際交流推進室(総務課内))
  3. Clean Center (クリーンセンター(資源対策課))
  4. Nobeoka City Toumi office (東海支所)
  5. Nobeoka City Igata office (伊形支所)
  6. Nobeoka City Shimanoura office (島浦支所)
  7. Nobeoka City Kitakata office: Community Services Division (北方総合支所市民サービス課)
  8. Nobeoka City Kitaura office: Community Services Division (北浦総合支所市民サービス課)
  9. Nobeoka City Kitagawa office: Community Services Division (北川総合支所市民サービス課)


You can also download the file here.

Trash Disposal Guidebook (English) ゴミだしルールブック(English) (PDFファイル)

Index (Items and proper disposal methods) 分類一覧表(English) (Excelファイル)


For consultation in English, please contact the Nobeoka City International Exchange Promotion Office.

Tel: 0982-22-7006

Fax: 0982-34-2110


ゴミだしルールブック(English) (PDFファイル)

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