Nobeoka City Coat of Arms

NobeokaCity mark

The outer part of the logo symbolizes the Japanese hiragana (rounded Japanese phonetic lettering) character "no" 「の」, and the inner part symbolizes the hiragana character "be" 「べ」.

The logo as a whole symbolizes the Chinese character "oka" 「岡」. Put together, these three parts represent "No - be - oka".

The coat of arms was decided on March 28, 1934.

Nobeoka City Flag

Nobeoka City Flag

Base color: purple

Mark: white

The City Flowering Plant: Wisteria (Fuji)

The City Flowering Plant: Wisteria (

The family crest of the Naito Family, who were the feudal lords of Nobeoka, was a Weeping Wisteria.

The City Tree: Round-leaf Holly (Kuroganemochi)

The City Tree: Round-leaf holly (

In Nobeoka City, this tree is also called "Imogusu." It grows naturally on many of the hills and mountains around the city. It is an evergreen tree, sprouting countless red fruits in winter.

The City Flower: Canna (Kanna)

The City Flower: Canna (

This is a tropical flower which blooms in a variety of stunning colors. 

Find us on Facebook!

Find us on Facebook!

“Nobeoka International”, a Facebook page by Nobeoka City’s International Exchange Promotion Office, keeps you updated on both international and local events in Nobeoka. We also share the International Exchange Newsletter, pictures of events, Messages from the ALTs and the CIR and more! The page is updated in Japanese, English and German.

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